Psychosomatic Student Group RIGA 

In 2016, Kamiar Rueckert founded the “Psychosomatic Student Group Riga” in order to establish a foundation for students to learn about emotions as well as psychosocial component of illness. It became the first international interest group of RSU. The group started and continues with the support of the RSU Psihosomatikas Kliniks, Riga. Currently 4 sessions are held per semester and are free for every Riga Stradins University student to visit.

Psychosomatic Medicine is a branch of medicine that connects the individual's biological pathophysiology of illness with emotional processes and social circumstances, thereby regarding the mind and the body as inseparable.


The group adds to the university curriculum by getting students acquainted with the biopsychosocial model of health defined by the WHO. In the sessions, students can explore psychoanalytical personality types and theories, ideas from cognitive behavior therapy as well as basic communication techniques. PSGRiga often collaborates with other international and Latvian interest groups.


Though its scientific branch is rather young in terms of modern medicine, the concept of connecting internal and external processes of the psyche and social life to illness dates back as far the 11th century with Avicenna. Even Hippocrates suggested: “Patients may recover their health simply through their contentment with the goodness of the physician." 

We welcome you to join us,

your PSGRiga Team